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The True Ear Rape Megalovania

Don't know if it's youtube's inability to handle so much gain, but I decided to make my own since all the others were so weak. It's much, much...

Minecraft Theme (Earrape)

Here is the source: Minecraft-Theme Song {Extended for 30 Minutes} Please, leave some earrape suggestions.

Megalovania Earrape

Yep I'm very original :P Anyways I just wanted to mess around with editing Audio so i thought I'd upload this. All credit to Toby Fox for this...


Songs and audios: 1 - 4613620329 - The Box - Minecraft Parody 2 - 4320705614 - WHATS INSIDE RAWR 3 - 3153968973 - Pirate Tunez Loud 4 - 3154004884...

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